Public Company Growth & Compliance

The Public Company Growth & Compliance group is dedicated to serving the unique inter-related needs of publicly traded companies in such mission-critical areas as:

pcgc-check-2 Capital Markets & Finance

pcgc-check-2 Executive Compensation

pcgc-check-2 Governance, Risk & Compliance

pcgc-check-2 Mergers & Acquisitions and Joint Ventures

pcgc-check-2 Litigation & Investigations

Each member of the PCGC team understands the nuances and complexities of advising public companies in the context of SEC disclosure, shareholder liability and business reputation concerns. We recognize that careful coordination among these specialized areas is essential to efficiently and effectively advising public companies. For more information, contact Doug Harmon, head of the PCGC group.

PCGC Resource Materials

The PCGC group provides ongoing, up-to-date information to public companies regarding recent developments and best practices training.

Doug’s Note

Our blog covers capital markets, governance, risk and compliance issues.

Public Company Forum

Our semi-annual live symposiums allow for one-on-one and group interaction with PCGC members and other peer in-house attorneys and executives.

Featured Articles

Our articles cover the full range of topics of interest to public companies.

Presentations & Training

The PCGC group leads director and officer training sessions across its areas of focus.

Items of Note

We provide regularly updated links to information of interest.


We maintain an extensive, searchable archive of content generated by the PCGC team.