Public Company Forum

When is the next Public Company Forum?
The next Public Company Forum will be announced soon.

What is the Public Company Forum?
The Public Company Forum is a semi-annual, multidisciplinary, interactive forum devoted specifically to the issues faced by public companies.  The PCF covers a wide array of inter-related topics, such as

  • capital markets, securities compliance and corporate governance
  • risk management
  • financial issues
  • executive compensation
  • M&A
  • internal investigation and  enforcement

Who should attend the Public Company Forum?
The breadth of PCF topics and the emphasis on their intersection will appeal to a wide variety of public company professionals, including:

  • legal departments
  • CFOs and other finance personnel with risk management or SEC compliance responsibilities
  • risk management officers and managers
  • strategic growth and corporate development personnel
  • human resource managers

Why should I attend the Public Company Forum?
The PCF provides the opportunity to meet and interact with peers at other public companies who face similar issues.  Attendees include companies ranging from the Fortune 50 to those in the midst of IPOs, and covering such industries as energy, entertainment, financial services, food service, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and technology.

In addition, the PCF is a convenient way to get CLE and CPE continuing education credit. Attendees are expected to receive at least 2.5 hours of credit (or 5 hours if you attend both semi-annual sessions).

What should I do if I have questions or am interested in attending an upcoming Public Company Forum?
Please contact Doug Harmon at with any questions. Invitations are distributed approximately six weeks before each Public Company Forum.